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Do I need an accont to post.
Yes. Its how we make sure that everyone has agreed to the terms of service and playing nice.

Can I post adult content?
NO. Everything is G rated here. If you would not see it on Saturday morning cartoons, don't post it. I will err on the side of conservative and remove images that may be problematic. I may or may not notify of this action. There are other places if you want to show off adult content. I suggest Imgur.

How do I upload stuff?
It's drag and drop for the most part. Pretty much anywhere you are you can open a file explorer window and drag and drop onto the browser page. There are options to add, remove, and edit your images before you upload them. Once you click Upload you can then have the images moved into an existing album or create a new one. Finally you will see embed code pop up after they have uploaded. These are the links to your images so make sure you set your albums to the correct privacy type and use the links appropriatly.

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